National Classification

National Products and Services Classes
(Industrial Property Law from 1955)

Class 1:

Raw or partially treated materials.

Class 2:


Class 3:

Leather and prepared hides and other manufactured leather articles that are not clothing.

Class 4:

Substances to polish, clean, and detergents, common soaps, candle wicks, starch, laundry blueing and other cleaning preparations.

Class 5:

Architecture and construction equipment.

Class 6:

Chemical substances, pharmaceutical formulas, perfumery.

Class 7:

Cordage, sacks and analogous articles.

Class 8:

Aviation apparatus.

Class 9:

Explosives, firearms, projectiles and other military gear.

Class 10:

Fertilizers and compost/manure.

Class 11:

Dying substances.

Class 12:

Construction, ornamentation and decoration of buildings, asphalt.

Class 13:

Hardware articles and iron pipes.

Class 14:

Molten and forged metals, wire.

Class 15:

Oils and grease not for human consumption.

Class 16:

Paints and materials for painters, except oils and polishers.

Class 17:

Tobacco products.

Class 18:

Agricultural and dairy machinery and accessories.

Class 19:

Vehicles except locomotives.

Class 20:

Linoleum, oilcloth and similar.

Class 21:

Electric apparatus, machinery and accessories.

Class 22:

Toys, sporting and playthings articles.

Class 23:

Cutlery, non electric machinery and accessories, tools.

Class 24:

Optical articles, photography apparatus and accessories.

Class 25:

Locks and safety boxes.

Class 26:

Scientific and measurement articles and apparatus.

Class 27:

Machinery and instruments to measure time.

Class 28:

Jewelry, manufactured jewels and precious metals.

Class 29:

Brooms, brushes and dusters.

Class 30:

Articles made from clay, earth ware and porcelain.

Class 31:

Refrigeration filters and apparatus.

Class 32:

Furniture and upholstery.

Class 33:

Glass and crystal articles.

Class 34:

Non-electric heating, ventilation and illumination apparatus.

Class 35:

Non-metallic inductor belts, hoses, tows (hessian, burlaps) and tires, and rubber articles.

Class 36:

Musical instruments and accessories.

Class 37:

Paper (except for upholstery), desk articles and blank books.

Class 38:

Books and publications of all kinds.

Class 39:

Clothing, hats and footwear.

Class 40:

Buttons, hardware, commercial advertisement articles that are not publications.

Class 41:

Canes, umbrellas and parasols.

Class 42:

Fabrics/cloths in pieces, knitted materials, trims/passementerie and embroidery.

Class 43:

Thread, yarn and balls and skeins.

Class 44:

Instruments and supplies for doctors and dentists.

Class 45:

Mineral, aerated, natural and artificial water.

Class 46:

Food and food ingredients.

Class 47:

Wines, except medicinal.

Class 48:

Malted beverages and beer.

Class 49:

Alcoholic liquors.

Class 50:

Non-classified merchandise and brand names. Service marks.

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